Monday, July 1, 2024

You’ve Spoken: 2024 - 2025 Submissions Topics and Deadlines

 Happy Summer!

Who says democracy doesn't work? Your votes have been tallied and below are the themes you chose. 


Anthology submissions due date Aug 25, 2024

Shades of Ghostly Horror

Who’s afraid of some ghosts?

Send us your stories of the corporeally challenged. These stories can involve insubstantial to realistic lifelike person/ animal forms which can haunt a person/ place/ object. Whether they are void of humanity or emotional concepts representing complex psychological experiences, let the spirit move you to relay tales of their exploits. Is there a chill in the air? Or is that simply a group of ghosts? Either way, it should be a phantasmic spooky time. Horror can range from apocalyptical, paranormal, or serial killers. Characters can include paranormal, human, alien etc while time period can be past, contemporary, future or anything in between.


Anthology submissions due date January 31, 2025

Shades of Workplace Love

Love takes work so why not find love at work?

Send us your workplace romance short stories! Explore complexities & challenges of finding love in contemporary urban professional settings where the workplace, business, or industry provides an extra layer to interact & develop relationships (from high-pressure/ deadlines/ competition adding tension or relaxed/ casual environment allowing more time) with possible ethical concerns, power imbalances/ dynamics, career advancement, gossip/ rumors, and societal norms impacting the personal life to provide a compelling, relatable story with a satisfying happily ever after (HEA)/ happy for now (HFN) end. Characters can include paranormal, human, alien etc.

PLUS Shades of Adventures in Love is on the way. It will be a summer release so more news will be coming soon.

Now that you know, you can enjoy your summer and look forward to more Write Volumes!

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