Sunday, December 26, 2021

Write Volumes' 2021 Thank you's and Pushcart Prize Nominations

Write Volumes' 2021 recap 

2021 has been a mix of trials and excitement. With 3 anthologies published this year, we've been both blessed and grateful for all of the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and writers. We also wish to thank our readers for helping to create a space for quality writing.

In celebrating writers, we have continued our tradition of promoting our writers to prizes such as the one below. 


to the following authors for being nominated for the

2021 Pushcart Prize:


Shades of Chicago published in February 2021

For the Chicago Anthology click HERE

  • "Twenty-first) Century Man" by Randall Jon Van Vynckt (Short Story)
  • "Se Busca a Chicago" by RR Canyas (Short Story)


Shades of Positively Pandemic published in July 2021

For the Pandemic Anthology click HERE


Shades of Horrific Humor published in October 2021

For the Horror Humor Anthology click HERE

  • "Dinner Parties" by Karen Brailsford (Short Story)
  • "Carnival of the Lost" by Fannie Price (Short Story) 


All stories published in our anthologies are incredibly moving so choosing 6 was tough, but the selected stories take these qualities to the next level.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Best wishes to everyone and thank you so much. 

May the best in 2021, be the worst in 2022. We look forward to celebrating more writing with you.