Shades of Craft Video Series

December 1, 2020 – Flash Basics

What is a flash? 

Examine this specialized short story form's basics, including its varying length and word counts in Write Volumes’ Shades of Craft Video. More resources found on the video's YouTube page. 

Explore the world of writing with us today. 

 Stories highlighted found in Shades of Transition and Transformation Anthology:

  • THERA-TROOPERS by Cameron Vanderwerf (premise driven)
  • LEFT, RIGHT, STRAIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE by Sheila M. Cronin (premise driven)
  • THE JOURNEY by A. Salinas (emotional based)

Story highlighted found in Shades of Horror and Strangeness Anthology:
  • YOUR APARTMENT, ANYWHERE USA by Shelby Powers (emotional based)

October 2020 – Special Halloween Horror Writing Series

Happy Halloween! 

Celebrate Halloween with horror writing tricks and tips. For horror enthusiasts or newcomers this 3-part Shades of Craft Horror Writing Special is our TREAT to you.


Treat #1 Horror Framework Basics  (10/1/20)

What makes a horror story? Discover Horror Stories Basic Framework tricks & tips in our 1st video.  Learn about 3 types of fear and uncover 4 quick steps to framing a horror story.

Watch now if you dare...

 Stories highlighted found in Shades of Horror and Strangeness Anthology:

  • SLOW DANCE by Randall Van Vynckt
  • NOT LIKE THEM by Anton Lee Richards
  • ICEMAN by Lin Bo

Treat #2 Horror Tone & Mood  (10/15/20)

The chill is in the air or is it in your writing? Descend into Shades of Craft Horror Writing #2 horror mood & tone.  Uncover the 2 basic horror tones and then plunge into 3 common horror moods.  Stop dreading the weather change and have fun writing your fears with us. Don’t be scared to watch it now!!!

Stories featured found in Shades of Horror and Strangeness Anthology:

  • VERMIN by Elizabeth Cate
  • MONASTERY by Cameron Vanderwerf

Treat #3 Horror incidents & Endings  (10/29/20)

How do horror stories end? The final Shades of Craft Horror Writing video #3 is horror incidents and endings. Learn more tricks & tips in our 3rd video.  Have fun exploring horror incidents and the idea of dashed hope then the 3 basic horror endings are exposed. All good things come to an end including this pre-Halloween writing treat, but you can watch and learn these tricks & tips first!!!

Stories featured found in Shades of Horror and Strangeness Anthology:

  • LUCKY by CA Davis
  • GENESIS by Evan Cullinan

September 1, 2020 – Short Stories & Word Counts

 What is a short story?

Dive into what makes a short story and their word counts in Write VolumesShades of Craft Video. Explore the world of writing with us today. 


August 2020 – Announcement

Write Volumes is launching the limited Shades of Craft writing craft video series.

The goal of the Shades of Craft Video Series:
  • focus on an area of the writing process or literary device
  • define and take a deeper dive exploring it
  • provide tips and highlight examples of it in stories

You have a question? Let us know.

If you think it could be good for Shades of Craft video series, please:

  • DM @writevolumes on Twitter or Facebook
  • or email us at

And perhaps your question will be chosen for a video topic.

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