Monday, July 11, 2022

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 To CELEBRATE summer and the launch of our 7th anthology Shades of Chaos on 7/21


We are giving away 6 FREE ebooks!


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Links on Amazon Author Page with ALL the books


Here are the links to the individual books:


1.    Shades of Horror and Strangeness on Amazon:

o   15 writers = 15 ways to scream


2.     Shades of Transition & Transformation on Amazon:

o   Universal & Personal: 19 Authors+25 Stories = Life altering


3.     Shades of Chicago

o   Moving, transporting, breathtaking

o   12 stories + 11 authors = 12 skyscraping journeys

o   Paving the way to novel Chicago views


4.     Shades ofPositively Pandemic

o   14 writers unlock their lockdown

o   15 stories unmask humanity

o   15 reasons to take a shot on this book!


5.     Shades of Horrific Humor

o   6 authors + 6 wicked senses of humor = 6 ways to die laughing


6.     Shades of Timeless Love

o   Time travel + Romance = Infinite Possibilities

o   Don't miss your chance to find the right time to fall in love!


PRE-Order Shadesof Chaos

o   10 writers grasp the unpredictable

o   13 stories color the infinite matters

o   Order your chaos with Shades of Chaos


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·        Reviews can be about 1 story or the book in general.

·        We are hoping to get 15 reviews for every book to help with rankings.


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