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Shades of Holiday Love

8 authors = 8 ways to season love
Love + holidays = a reason to celebrate

Love or hate the holidays?

Nothing mixes together quite like a special day and a special someone. From a time of giving or thanking, to scaring or a new year, if you think holidays alone or with families can be tough, just add in some romance.

What if we weren’t ready for our soulmate when we met them? What can a woman who pondered this question for 21 years do to discover answers on Pride Day?

Can moon-crossed lovers be together or is it too dangerous for werewolves and humans to mix? With the approaching New Year, Amina resolves to fight their attraction but is this the one resolution she should break?

Reflecting on her life, a journalist wonders will love in the 90s be a near miss with the one that got away or will that Thanksgiving be something she will be grateful for?

Can listening to music being created, also create love? Will Yoshie’s Christmas concert practices lead to more than just hearing beautiful music when she crushes on the guy practicing in the room next door? Or will it end on a sour note?

What happens when you mix an Irish immigrant with dreams of land ownership and a logger in 1830 America with Christmas? Can Betsy navigate love and 1850 politics to build a life where her dreams of equality can come true?

How complicated can a love life be? Tom is married, 4 kids, divorced, dating again with a family, and now a New Year get together with the ex? See what happens when the path to true love isn’t always straight.

When Lelise is dumped right before her New Year international trip with her boyfriend, will her grief help or harm her? Can her shattered heart make more room for her to love again?

Is there a countdown to meeting love?

Mingling traditional and non-traditional romances, Write Volumes is celebrating the seasons of love with 
Shades of Holiday Love!

 Shades of Fantastic Horror 

 9 authors + 9 killer imaginations 

 = 9 terror-rific stories

Click Here to order Shades of Fantastic Horror on Amazon Today!

Let your imagination run wild but don’t be surprised if it starts screaming too. Nothing twists fantasy better than horror. In this dark fantasy horror collection, we’ll send you to another world screaming in terror or scare you with the magic in this one.

Are ghost stories real? Have you ever tested one out? Adara did and now she wants to stop her neighborhood's ghost story from terrorizing people before moving to enter med school in the fall. Can she do it? Will it let her? Or will she be cornered?

When a Confederate soldier is separated from the rest of his troops, will the ministrations of a stranger be a kindness or torture?

Does extrasensory perception exist? And what would a woman see or hear while standing vigil by her childhood friend's hospital bed after a horrible accident?

Can a kitten survive in a dystopian world when his servant sets him free? (And yes, we’re all servants by feline standards)

What kind of trouble does an American engineer contractor discover when he travels to a remote Venezuelan facility as he tries to assess what's necessary to get the abandoned oil well running again? Will he catch some of the local culture or will it catch him?

What would you do if something goes wrong with your elective surgery?

Most babies are perfect in their parent’s eyes. But what would you do if your baby scares everyone so much, no one else wants to be around? Is there such a thing as too different? And will it kill you?

What happens if magical creatures could join corporate jobs? Follow a docuseries where a witch named Nadia and her coworker David have killer chemistry.

When an FBI agent and her dragon mate spend the night at a cozy inn, is all as quaint as it seems or is there a deadly secret?

From looking at the magic in this world or glimpses of other worlds, we will bring the terror to terrific.

Just because it’s imaginary, doesn’t mean it’ll let you go.

Shades of Chaos

10 writers grasp the unpredictable

13 stories unravel the random

13 ways to color infinite matters

Order your chaos

With Shades of Chaos

What comes first: life or chaos?

It may not matter since in these individual short stories, Write Volumes is highlighting both life and chaos with some color!

How do speed cameras and bird watching fit in? What about near-death experiences or the death of a close yet emotionally distant family member? Can we organize chaos into a film? Or conceive it with a child? Will you find it at the end of a relationship, the beginning of life, or with just bad luck?

From trying to control chaos, to having it control us, chaos is everything, nothing, anything. So will these characters’ lives be turned upside down or, right-side up, as they experience the trials and opportunities chaos presents?

Whether life creates chaos, or chaos creates life, don’t miss your chance to order chaos, with Shades of Chaos!

Time travel + Romance = Infinite Possibilities

Find the right time to fall in love

Time travel and romance: what can go wrong, may be, oh, so right!

If you think finding love today is hard, read these short stories where tomorrows, yesterdays and today blend together in a whirlwind of romance.

There’s the ageless question of having to choose between love and a career but what if your career in archeology is too modern for your heart?  Or the enduring regret of the one who got away, will they always elude you or can you figure out the right timing? 

Is the age difference between lovers an indefinite obstacle or can it be overcome with more time or less time?  What does it add up to for love, when 2 people feel the same age, even when the number of years are different?

Only time will tell, or will it?

Mingling traditional and non-traditional romance short stories, Write Volumes is adding shades of timelessness into love. The possibilities are infinite and, with all of time in the world to choose from, I bet you can’t wait to read what happens.

So don’t miss your chance to find the right time to fall in love with Shades of Timeless Love!

Shades of Horrific Humor

Click Here to order Shades of Horrific Humor on Amazon Now

6 authors

6 wicked senses of humor

6 ways to die laughing

Want to be scared silly?

Find the brighter side of bad, the lighter side of horror, the terrible side of funny. With 6 individual short stories, Write Volumes is adding shades of humor into horror.

What if your plans to enjoy a family vacation got interrupted? Which would be worse: ghosts or giardia? Do you even want to know who owned your home before you or maybe your house owns you? Do you love your house enough to marry it? Are there skeletons in your closet or maybe in your cellar and could you convince them to let you live there unharmed if they didn’t want you around anymore?

Could you survive a carnival which changes your significant other into something you barely recognize? Have you tried to hypnotize people today when all they do is stare at their cell phones? What’s a vampire to do for dinner? When the lies catch up to you, could you stop to smell the flowers or are those after you too?

From bite sized quakes to bone chilling shakes, these frightfully funny stories will have you chuckle as you hide under the covers with the lights on… but then worry about what may have heard you....

Adults beware, just because you laugh doesn’t mean you’re safe!

15 stories unmasking epidemic bright spots

15 ways forward unlocking hearts

15 reasons to take a shot on this book!  

What is a pandemic to you? How do you unmask what happens afterward?

We have faced a disease that rose suddenly and spread throughout the globe quickly. The speed did not allow for much reflection as we focused on survival. The spread was universal as it impacted the globe. This anthology is a glimpse at COVID-19 and the lockdown, but not at its horrors which we already faced, but at us in the aftermath as we continue, lessons learned, dreams deferred, as we aspire for more than survival.

Perhaps you are a mother with adult kids spread across the USA trying to shepherd all of them home. Or you were in the middle of a job search and understand more about your company during this lock down than you had previously. What would motivate an artist during and coming out of the lock down… fish bowls?

Did you drive across the USA trying to figure out what to do next? Or what about moving after a lung transplant and then learning you needed a second transplant during COVID? FOMO anyone?

Develop any skills during the lock down like travelling through time and space? What about starting a new relationship, ending it, or spicing up an existing one? Did you live with someone who took cleaning to the next level? Want to know what someone’s cat thought?

There are so many variations in the shades of this disease that what comes after is just as diverse. See how these authors view their worlds contracting or expanding into a new normal or into an area where things will never be normal again.

Let us go through these growing pains together as we unlock the lockdown with an epidemic of reading.

Take a shot on Shades of Positively Pandemic today!

Click Here to order Shades of Chicago on Amazon Now

Moving, transporting, 


12 stories, 11 authors, 

12 skyscraping journeys

Paving the way to novel Chicago views

This collection of short stories explores Chicago: the city, the myth, the borders, the legend, the infamous, the truth, the fiction. Past, present and future collide as we walk the Chicago streets wondering: Does a city have an identity, or is it only a landscape for us to project our fears and desires onto it?

How would a 13-year-old Venezuelan girl, sneaking to watch movies set in Chicago on TV at work, think about Chicago while she also tries to remain unnoticed during what feels like the start of a revolution in her home country? Or experience how a veteran of the Great War working at a Chicago steel mill in 1937 might view the city. 

Ride the bus, the el, and the Metra and discover how it can be a haven for unexpected encounters. Or perhaps you’re a tourist and you can watch how your connections to the city evolves with every visit to a Chicago friend. Have you heard of a Chicago winter or the troubles of shopping during one? Or have you ever visualized Chicago with supernaturals: dragons, werewolves, and gargoyles (oh my!)?

Does Chicago shift pre-Pandemic versus during the lockdown? How would you choose which neighborhood to rent or own a home? What does the city mean to you when you miss someone? Or how do you feel when you need to move from Chicago to follow your dreams?

Get a bicyclist’s eye view of Chicago without even leaving the couch.

The stories can be sometimes tense and unapologetic, other times intimate and sentimental, or even humorous and confessional, but they’re always moving moments with the city that works. Do people inhabit a city, or does the city inhabit us? 


Please be our guest and experience the varied shades of Chicago today!

Universal, Personal, Life altering 

19 Authors, 25 Stories, 

Experience Unlimited Transformations

The stories in this anthology are a celebration of transitions and transformations.  The situation or lesson which inspires, forces, conspires, or demands.  Basically, anything which inflicts or releases movement from within.  The causes may be universal, while the effects are personal.  These stories show the harbingers and potential aftermaths of these adventures in the various ways they color our perceptions… in their many shades.

Try Write Volumes Shades of Transition and Transformation Anthology

Sometimes we only do ‘good’ because people are watching, but is that truly doing good? What if to stop someone from doing bad, you do something bad? Or what if you help someone bad, is that still good? - NO GOOD DEED

The problem isn’t just being hard to understand, but to be misunderstood completely.- FOREIGNER

This city made it all too easy for families to drift apart. Technology fooled everyone into thinking they were more connected than they actually were.- YELLOW LIGHT

I eventually retreated to favorite memories of the past and visions of the future that were unlike any path that actually lay before me.- NEW SHOES FOR AN OLD MAN

Miss Chi-Town Firecracker would not let this little shit out-sassy her.-  SASSY’S SUBS

I respond to Araminta when I want to remember the seed. I answer to Harriet when I want to remember the tree.- HARRIET AND ME

Now unless you've been a real goody two-shoes or a real asshole, you come to my department.-  I AM AN 8-YEAR-OLD JAPANESE GIRL

Well…maybe. I don’t know. This arrangement has worked out better than any other therapy I’ve had so far.- THERA-TROOPERS

That villains were for books, were not me. But I was born a villain.- MY JINN AND I 

Hope and change didn’t quite pan out for her and Maria.-  LOST ITS DIVERSITY

15 writers, 15 stories, 15 ways to scream 

Don’t read this collection of short stories if you don’t enjoy screaming, jumping at every sound, trembling, or looking over your shoulder from now on. From bite size frights to longer bone chilling stories, with 15 different up and coming short story authors, Write Volumes is bringing the color back to horror. What could go wrong? From potentially world ending to life altering individual short stories, view the many shades of fear but don’t say we didn’t warn you. This is only for the strong of heart… and we can’t guarantee your heart won’t burst or break. Adults only and beware, the scare can be for real… and lasting.

Try Write Volumes Shades of Horror and Strangeness Anthology, 

if you dare  

*** Click HERE to buy on Amazon ***

The man’s inscrutable look— there was no wink or even an apparent gleam—never told James precisely what he wanted to know, but it fueled his obsession all the same. - SLOW DANCE

But this long silence, stretching to a malevolent infinitum, was more than a soul could calmly take. - MONASTERY

I feel a sudden, creeping dread as I realize what this is. What he is. – HOMEGROWN

She wasn’t afraid of this stranger who appeared to be waiting for her.- SHADES OF LOVE

With every step, his body felt gravity more acutely, as if he was carrying the darkness with him, the darkness clutching along his body refusing to let go. - IN THE DARK

The beam of the light reflected over scaly skin with a translucent glow. Round, black, lidless disks stared at me from eye sockets on a face without a nose. - SIREN

People pressed in on him from all sides. Before long, the crowd carried him about like a stranded raft helpless against the ocean wave. - NOT LIKE THEM

But what troubled Yasmine was their silence. All of them, silent. - LUCKY

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