Monday, September 25, 2023

Fall into FEAR #3

In honor of Halloween, we will be releasing our fantastic horror teasers from our 8th anthology weekly in celebration. 

It will be here in a blink…


Don’t forget, we are working on our 10th anthology, Shades of Occult and Horror.


Shades of Fantastic Horror Anthology (#8)


Synopsis: Let your imagination run wild but don’t be surprised if it starts screaming too. Nothing twists fantasy better than horror. In this dark fantasy horror collection, we’ll send you to another world screaming in terror or scare you with the magic in this one.


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Quick peek at the minute trailers for each of the stories in the Shades of Fantastic Horror anthology


BRINGING UP BABY by Cameron Vanderwerf (1:27)

A baby or a nightmare? Is there a difference?




Next Submissions


·         The next theme and deadline is posted on our website. Please spread the word. We want to read your work, so submit today!


·         Adventures in Love submissions due December 15! Love in action! Some say love is the ultimate adventure. But what if we mix love with a search for something aside from romance? Nothing goes together quite like danger and love. So send us your action-adventure romance stories.


·         For theme details and submission process please go here for more info:




Shades of Fantastic Horror Anthology Story Teasers

·         THE PINES by Fannie Price (1:04) Release date 9/12/23

o   A cozy inn or a deadly secret?

·         AN OFFICE ROMANCE by Lin Bo (1:04)Release date 9/18/23

o   What can go wrong with a docuseries about magical creatures in corporate jobs?

·      ·         BRINGING UP BABY by Cameron Vanderwerf (1:27)Release date 9/25/23

o   A baby or a nightmare? Is there a difference?


·         STEPHEN MARKMAN AT THE BREAK OF DAWN by RR Canyas (1:27)Release date 10/02/23

o   Will an American contractor catch some of the local Venezuelan culture or will it catch him?


·         KINDRED by Helen L. (1:06) Release date 10/10/23

o   How can a kitten survive in a dystopian future?


·         WELCOME TO MY TABLE by James Joseph Forth (1:23) Release date 10/16/23

o   Is help a kindness or torture?


·         IT TAKES ALL KINDS by Karen Brailsford (1:20) Release date 10/23/23

o   What happens during a vigil?


·         BONE CUTTER by Randall Jon Van Vynckt (1:18)Release date 10/31/23

o   Elective surgery or elective torture?


·         CORNERED by G. T. Naya (1:28)Release date 11/07/23

o   A ghost story, a myth, or the biggest mistake of her life?



Thanks for reading!

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