Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Independence Day Wishes and the Freedom to Submit


Hope you had a happy Independence Day!


What is freedom to you? We are giving you the freedom to submit to us. If you always wanted to write horror stories but don’t know where to start, there are some Horror Writing videos to help.


Horror Submissions due 8/1/23!!!

The next 2 themes and deadlines have been posted. Please spread the word. We want to read you work so submit today!

·         Occult horror submissions due Aug 1! It will be a scary good time.

·         Adventures in Love submissions due December 15! Love in action!


The next 2 themes and deadlines have been posted. Please spread the word Occult horror submissions due Aug 1

More info:


Shades of Occult and Horror

  • Witches, rituals, and cults, oh my! We’re peering into the dark corners and then seeing what peers back. Will it be bizarre or supernatural? The devil may be in the details, or did you call the devil to you? With an otherworldly focus you never know if astrology, alchemy, or natural magic will help or harm. But you must make the choice yourself for you are in control of your fate… or are you? Send us your occult horror story, where you never know if breaking the rules will hurt or save you. But can anything save you from yourself? Characters can include paranormal, human, alien etc while time period can be past, contemporary, future or anything in between. But protagonists should choose to enter a hidden world (not be accidentally thrust into it), pay the price for entry, and are either redeemed by later making the ‘correct’ moral choice or damned by not. Choose to send us your short occult horror story today…



Horror Writing Tips and Tricks


#1 Horror Framework Basics


What makes a horror story? Discover horror stories basic framework tricks & tips in our 1st video. Watch now if you dare.


#2 Horror Tone & Mood

The chill is in the air or is it in your writing? Descend into Shades of Craft Horror Writing #2 horror mood & tone. Stop dreading the weather change and have fun writing your fears with us. Don’t be scared to watch it now at


#3 Horror incidents & Endings

How do horror stories end? The final Shades of Craft Horror Writing video #3 is horror incidents and endings. All good things come to an end including this pre-Halloween writing treat, but you can watch and learn these tricks &tips first!!!


Please comment if you have any questions and tips. 

Would love to hear what works for you.

Happy writing, happy reading, happy freedom.


Thank you!

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