Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hispanic Heritage present 16

 September 15 through October 15 is Hispanic Heritage, so let's celebrate writing with a Hispanic Heritage present

Enjoy a video peek at Hispanic Heritage writers’ impact past, present and future in 3 questions with writer  

Jhoselin (Jojo) Dominguez

Being true to yourself and your heritage

(8 minutes 26 seconds )

Watch at


You can check out Jojo's website:

Author of:

  •  “Knowing” and "Yellow Light" in Shades of Transition & Transformation

        Shades of Transition & Transformation
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  •     “Seen” in Shades of Horror and Strangeness
       Shades of Horror & Strangeness
       15 Authors + 15 Stories = 15 ways to scream 
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  •  “Steps” in Shades of Chicago
        Shades of Chicago
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       12 Stories + 11 Authors = 12 skyscraping journeys 
        Paving the way to novel Chicago views 
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  •  “Steps” in Shades of Positively Pandemic

        Shades of Positively Pandemic
       15 stories unmasking epidemic bright spots
       15 ways forward unlocking hearts
       15 reasons to take a shot on this book!
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