Thursday, February 4, 2021

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 Happy 2021!  

We have been busy on the next installment of the Shades of series.  

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Moving, transporting, 


12 stories, 11 authors, 

12 skyscraping journeys

Paving the way to a novel Chicago view

This collection of short stories explores Chicago: the city, the myth, the borders, the legend, the infamous, the truth, the fiction. Past, present and future collide as we walk the Chicago streets wondering: Does a city have an identity, or is it only a landscape for us to project our fears and desires onto it?

How would a 13-year-old Venezuelan girl, sneaking to watch movies set in Chicago on TV at work, think about Chicago while she also tries to remain unnoticed during what feels like the start of a revolution in her home country? Or experience how a veteran of the Great War working at a Chicago steel mill in 1937 might view the city. 

Ride the bus, the el, and the Metra and discover how it can be a haven for unexpected encounters. Or perhaps you’re a tourist and you can watch how your connections to the city evolves with every visit to a Chicago friend. Have you heard of a Chicago winter or the troubles of shopping during one? Or have you ever visualized Chicago with supernaturals: dragons, werewolves, and gargoyles (oh my!)?

Does Chicago shift pre-Pandemic versus during the lockdown? How would you choose which neighborhood to rent or own a home? What does the city mean to you when you miss someone? Or how do you feel when you need to move from Chicago to follow your dreams?

Get a bicyclist’s eye view of Chicago without even leaving the couch.

The stories can be sometimes tense and unapologetic, other times intimate and sentimental, or even humorous and confessional, but they’re always moving moments with the city that works. Do people inhabit a city, or does the city inhabit us? 


Please be our guest and experience the varied shades of Chicago today!

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