Thursday, October 15, 2020

Shades of Craft Video Series Halloween Treat #2

 October 15, 2020 Shades of Craft – Horror Writing Special

The chill is in the air or is it in your writing?

Stop dreading the weather change and have fun writing your fears with us.

Celebrate Halloween with horror writing tricks and tips. For horror enthusiasts or newcomers this 3-part Shades of Craft Horror Writing Special is our treat to you.


Treat #2 Horror Tone & Mood (on 10/15/20)

What makes a horror story?

Learn some more tricks & tips in our 2nd video.  Uncover the 2 basic horror tones then descend into the 3 common horror moods.  Don’t be scared to watch it now!!!

Video below and at


Next Episode will be:

#3 Horror incidents & Endings (release on 10/29/20)


Past Episode:

#1 Horror Framework Basics (released on 10/1/20)


Stories featured found in Shades of Horror and Strangeness Anthology:

  • VERMIN by Elizabeth Cate
  • MONASTERY by Cameron Vanderwerf

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