Saturday, September 26, 2020

One Question Author Panel Video Series


September 25, 2020 – Question #3

Write Volumes One Question author panel discussion video series is exploring the question:

How do you feel about authors writing outside of their identity?


 4 authors + 1 question = watch the video below and see



Randall Jon Van Vynckt specializes mostly in being unpublished, so he's delighted to have his fiction find a home in Write Volumes' e-books (“Slow Dance” in SoH&S, “14 days” & “Valentine's Day” in SoT&T). He is a dozen years into the proverbial Great American Novel. In a past life, he published essays about historic places and wrote erotic fan fiction.


Michael Dunbar is an aspiring writer from Florida. When he is not documenting his tales of not being your average Florida man, he enjoys traveling the world, dancing, and enjoying the local cuisine. Author of “To Kill for Love” in Shades of Horror & Strangeness (SoH&S,); “Adventure to Rio” in Shades of Transition & Transformation (SoT&T)


Jhoselin Dominguez (Jojo) is a graphic design graduate from Fort Hays State University, part-time writer, and full-time artist. Her fictional short stories explore existential topics and characters that wander through her mind. Author of “Seen” in SoH&S; “Yellow Light” & “Knowing” in SoT&T. See more of her work at


Lin Bo is a software engineer, actor, and painter in Chicago, where he has lived his whole life. He has been fortunate to have many amazing teachers and mentors inspire and guide him to write since grade school. Author of “Iceman” in Shades of Horror & Strangeness (SoH&S); “Foreigner” in Shades of Transition & Transformation (SoT&T)

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