Friday, October 4, 2019

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15 writers, 15 stories, 15 tales of terror 
Read if you dare… 

She is overcome by a sensation in the pit of her stomach, an ominous and unnerving feeling brought about by the presence of the figure. She attempts to look away but finds that her eyes are unwillingly fixated. -  SEEN

The beam of the light reflected over scaly skin with a translucent glow. Round, black, lidless disks stared at me from eye sockets on a face without a nose. - SIREN

She wasn’t afraid of this stranger who appeared to be waiting for her.- SHADES OF LOVE

People pressed in on him from all sides. Before long, the crowd carried him about like a stranded raft helpless against the ocean wave. - NOT LIKE THEM 
But what troubled Yasmine was their silence. All of them, silent. - LUCKY

 Children are taught there is nothing to fear there, but adults recognize the lie, the white lie, about the dark: it is a mixture of the fear of the unknown with the fear of the known. - INTO THE DARK

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